Onion Leaf
F-117 guitar

In the tradition of 20th century 'trench art' Green Onion is recycling the debris of modern wafare.

In past wars, especially in the first world war, the soldier in his trench whiled the time away making useful objects of the materials lying around on the battlefield. Shells were transformed into ashtrays, handgrenades into cigarette lighters, nose cones of bombs into ink wells and riffle bullets into pen holders and crucifixes.

A special category of 'trench art' are musical instruments. Empty fuel cans, discarded cooking utensils and enemy helmets have been used as soundboxes for scratchbuild mandolins and other stringed instruments.

From a nomad tradesman in the middle eastern desert we managed to gather the damaged parts of that most modern of war machines. To maintain it's stealthy appearance we added a headless neck and hid the tuning pegs. Equipped with a single powerful humbucker.


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