Aahat Nada



Indian musical theory starts with defining the inner and outer sound. The inner sound 'ANAAHAT NADA' is the divine power one has to find within oneself which can not be created by human effort (it can vaguely be referred to as talent or gift). The outer sound 'AAHAT NADA' is the sound created on the outside, in our living world, be it with the voice or an instrument. Our worldly efforts however are directed to trying to achieve the sound from within. If one matches those, the sound from within and the sound from without, one attains supreme bliss, utter beauty.

AAHAT NADA, sound from without, is created by friction, by 'striking two bodies together'. Thus the molecular frequencies we call sound are created.

It is obvious that not all sound created by striking two bodies together is beautiful sound. It is hard to create a clear note by trying to bow a trumpet or blow a guitar; not all bodies are meant to be struck by each other. Besides, views on how to handle different subjects and objects are very diverse in different cultures.

To give shape to the striking together of two cultures Green Onion has made two mirroring versions of Danelectro's Longhorn guitar-mandolines. The western guitar version deals with cows as a popular food and source of raw materials, while the eastern sitar version honors the cow as a deity.


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