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A Revolution in Communication ... that's what the MAMBOPHONE™ would have been in 1959 ... a spicy device for swinging and jiving rhythm-talk using radio broadcast.

When the mambo, cha cha cha and salsa swept the world in the 1950's they where a festive revolution in the worldwide dance scene as it strode side by side with rock 'n' roll. At the height of their popularity their country of origin went through a completely different revolution. Due to this, the beautiful Caribbean paradise fell in isolation from its frantic widespread mambo audience.

For the same reason a new invention didn't reach the worldwide public at all. Cuban inventors had just finished the prototype of a new communication device. Based on original African drum-talk the MAMBOPHONE™ would, by using it's own radio frequency for communication, skip the language barrier. A unique invention that could have been put to use all over the world. The military of the new government took up testing some of the prototypes, but had problems with sound volume control in combat action and finally put it aside.

During a Caribbean trip several years ago Green Onion were presented the old designs. They where shown us by a tall slender guy living in some old beach barracks on the coast near Santiago de Cuba.
We have done our best to reconstruct the prototype as true as possible to this design, although as replacement for some outdated electronics today's alternatives had to be used.

Now we proudly present to you the reissued MAMBOPHONE™ de Cuba.


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