Our Physical Shape is the Carrier of the Soul

In many religions and philosophies body and soul are considered to be two separate things. In time the body will decay and disappear but the soul or essence of our being will remain, perhaps to find another physical form.

A song once played has a very short lifetime in itself but will exist in the mind of the listener. In an unguarded moment we may remember this song and give it a new physical shape by humming or singing it, possibly altering the original a little through our own interpretation. Nevertheless this new interpretation will strive to capture the essence of the original composition which begets a second lifetime.

Besides being the incarnation of the self a member of a certain community is the bearer of this communities culture and essence. When such individuals travel abroad they carry this essence with them, even though the more superficial manifestations get lost on the way. The cultural soul will continue to live in one way or another and be passed down to further generations.

Musical instruments are changing continuously, especially stringed instruments. They have always been the most portable of instruments, travelling musicians have carried them over many different landscapes. The same travelers have been interpreting the songs of their forefathers for many generations. Together with the constant evolution of these songs the instruments have been adapted to every new set of conditions. The soul of their sound has remained intact to serve the essence, which is timeless. When their outer shell changes it is principally to create a new vehicle for the soul.

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