fresh and green FRESH AND GREEN

We proudly present the new and fresh 'Green Onion' sitar.

It took a trip around the world to collect the best techniques to build a strong and accurate instrument. We travelled through the southern states of the USA where we found jazz music's banjo which provided us with the main string keys. Sailing over the Pacific we discovered the Hawaiian ukulele from which we got the keys for the sympathetic strings. With these newly applied devices tuning the sitar swiftly and finely is no longer a problem.

Back in our homeport we picked up some shipbuilding techniques to design the Green Onion's most remarkable feature, the carbon fibre reinforced epoxy resin body. Onto this one piece combined gourd and neck the cedar soundboard and walnut fretboard are fixed to make a construction which may support an Indian elephant! This rigid construction takes away any fears of damaging your delicate instrument during transport and (very importantly) its tonal stability will now be a hundred percent assured (even when using meend).

To spare the Indian elephant and other animals, we got rid of any animal parts by replacing the ivory or horn bridges with a synthetic bridge, which also has a perfect gliding quality when pulling the strings for meend.

Finally, to keep the sitar true to its Indian origin very little has been changed concerning its shape or use.

If you wish to receive more information about the Green Onion sitar or our tanpura please write to us.

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