friends in art
Flash-cartoon-art by Han Hoogerbrugge.
Canadian artist Adrian Gollner.
Sculpture-artist Sylvia B.
By Bombay-friend Shilpa Gupta.
Install your favorite God on your computer.
Installation and drawing artist and member of PDM,
Ronald Cornelissen.

happy famous artists
Speaks for itself


Find every museum in the world online.

Trends and art, spotted in dutch by artist Jeroen Bosch.

nomads + residents
Curatorial project linking travelling and passing-by artists with local artists through lectures, performances etc.
Online portfolio community for artists and artlovers.

Blog on contemporary art

I like this art
Blogger Jordan Tate likes this art.
Most of it deals with visual concept.

kunst & knoedel
Boutique with art and german nostalgia in Rotterdam.

British Asian Underground band. Equipped with a Green Onion sitar.
Pandit Debashish Bhattcharya the incarnation of Ameer Khoosru, the pioneer of Indian slide guitar.
G. Jaywant, a classical musician of Hindustani music on "Hawaiian" guitar.
International comedian-musician and multi-instrumentalist (... on Green Onion instruments, among others).

musical instruments
Antique Vintage Guitars Info.
India Instruments. A German site retailing Indian instruments and accessories. Have a look at the pics of traditional Indian instruments.
If you are into playing or studying Indian music you should have a look at the software on this page.
The most complete guitarshop in the Netherlands.

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